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Welcome to the Refund High School wiki; a place for everything related to the amazing webtoon by LICO.

This wiki contains SPOILERS, so please read with CAUTION!

As of the 23th of May there are 41 articles, 820 edits, and 3 active users.


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Start earning karma at The Refund High School to reincarnate as an ideal version of yourself.


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External links

Naver Webtoon - Original Korean Webtoon
Line Webtoon - Official Translated English Comics
Ghostagram - Instagram Profile for Refund High School
LICO - Creator of Refund High School
LICO Instagram - Instagram Profile for Creator of Refund High School
Naver Challenge Webtoon - Challenge Version of Original Korean Webtoon

Community Corner

Welcome to Refund High School Wiki!

This wiki dedicates to Refund High School series. This wiki welcomes everyone who is willing to improve this wiki!

As a wiki user, how can you help? You can do help out by:

  • You can create a new page or edit the existing one! You can even find a random page and start editing the page.
  • If you are going to improve content on the page or make a comment, please refer to this page for more information!
  • Ask the Administrators about any suggestions, concerns, or feedback about this wiki.

Here are the list of things that need to added in this wiki:

  • Chapter pages are not made yet, so feel free to make them!
  • Many other pages are needed and can be improved as such Character pages, Universe pages, Media pages, etc.

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